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Health and nutrition is the most demanding and challenging field in our everyday foods. Deterioration of nutritional quality is out of control due to adulteration and use of pesticides & synthetic fertilizers. Nearly every food process reduces the amount of nutrients in food. Processes that expose foods to high levels of heat, light, and/or oxygen cause the greatest nutrient loss. We strongly believe that our traditional methods and organic food will overcome all such challenges.

Aaskin Food Club is here to take the responsibility to provide all your foods in utmost pure form with traditional methods. Now don't worry to check the expiry dates as all products will be fresh and procured under stringent supervision of a renowned independent agro lab. Cold Ground Wheat Flour and Cold Pressed Filtered Oil making process will be 24/7 LIVE in our website. Our storage will be chemical free and in Hermatic bags only. Aaskin Food Club means "Complete transparency on What we eat and How we get it"….

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  • #100% Transparency in procurement and processes.
  • #Procurement By Independent Agro Lab; Processes will be 24/7 Live.
  • #No Need To Check Expiry Dates – Always Fresh due to Preorder.
  • #"Value for Money" – Now You can enjoy the taste of Bulk Buying.
  • #Access To Real Foods, Free from Toxic Chemicals & Pesticides.

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