India's First Food ClubMembership Limit 2000



Q.1 What is Aaskin Food Club?
Ans. It is an initiative to bring back our Traditional food methods and growing Jaivik vegetables for our members, thus increasing their immunity power as well as great taste in daily food.

Q.2 Why there is a Membership Fee?
Ans. Huge effortsand dedication are required to monitor every activity from procurement to home delivery. So we keep a nominal annual membership fee as a screening system.

Q.3 What does it mean by 'Real Food'?
Ans. Real Food means a healthy, fair and green food system. Our traditional foods were Jaivik and processed such a way that no loss in nutritional values. That's Real Food.

Q.4 What does it mean by – "No worry to check expiry dates"?
Ans. This club is first in India to bring a dedicated food management system for its members. Since we get always a preorder and/or we have tentative consumption information of our members it's not so difficult to give them always fresh products.

Q.6 What is Cold Ground Whole Wheat Flour and its benefits?
Ans. Stoneground milling, which is done in a cool and gentle way, retains all vitamins and nutrients.

Stone-Ground White Flour
Roller-mill Bleached White Flour
Calcium (mg per 100g)
Iron (mg per 100g)
Vitamin A (units per 100g)
Vitamin B1 (units per 100g)
Calories per 100g

For more information watch this video:

Q.7 What are the benefits of Hand Ground Spices?
Ans. Spices are filled with volatile oils, which are what give them their flavor and complexity. When you grind them, you release those oils, and they begin to dissipate. In two weeks to a month after grinding, you have the sharpest drop in flavor, a rapid loss of those oils.

If and when spices are ground with commercial blade grinders in the factories, excess of heat is generated and it takes away all the taste and aroma from the spices. Apart from adding colour, flavour and taste, consumption of spices provide infinite health benefits. Traditional Hand grinding of spices keeps the temperature low so that it retains all medicinal values as well as the aroma and taste.

Q.8 What is the difference between Cold Pressed oil and Refined oil?
Ans. Refining may expose oils to high temperature, bleaching agent, deodorizer, degumming, de-waxing among all." Losses of nutritionally viable components such as tocopherol and sterols can happen.

Cold pressed oils are oils extracted in a much healthier process. In this process, seeds are not tortured at high temperatures or subjected to harsh chemicals. Instead, temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius are used ensuring the oil maintains its character. Once the oil settles, it is just filtered and bottled.

Complete guide on cooking oil is in this video of Renowned Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

Q.9 What is A2 milk?
Ans. Amongst the milk constituents, beta- casein has gained importance and popularity amongst the health conscious people due to its recent health related issues. Beta casein composition of milk and milk products has become an important economic trait of dairy animals. Our indigenous dairy animals produce A2 milk and India is endowed with rich A2 dairy animals since our civilizations, protecting the masses from ill effects of A1 milk. It is a matter of great concern for the health of people in India. There is an urgent need to go through our breeding policies to stop producing A1 milk.

These two videos illustrate in simple language what milk should we drink -

Q.10 What is Hermatic Bag?
Ans. Hermetic bags are air tight bags that prevent air/water from getting into the cereals stored in them. Hermetic bags greatly address the human health and safety challenges posed by the earlier conventional method like fumigation of treating stored cereals and grain with pesticides. With these bags, no pesticides are required to treat such stored grains and cereals.

Complete video guide: