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Cold Ground Wheat Flour - JaivikProduct Code: AFC-00025

Whole wheat flour includes the bran, endosperm and germ of the wheat grain which gives it a slightly darker colour and makes it more nutritious.Stone Ground Cold milling avoids heating & dehydration and thus retains nutrients and the wheat germ.

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Cold Ground Wheat Flour - Jaivik

Stone-ground flour differs from industrially ground flour in a variety of ways. Grains are milled gently using the stone-ground method, being ground slowly between two stones. There are three parts that make up a grain - the bran, the germ and the endosperm. The bran provides fibre, protein and vitamins that are vital in maintaining a healthy digestive system. The germ provides B vitamins and fatty acids that are necessary for healthy brain function. The endosperm contains starches, carbohydrates, protein, iron and B vitamins. Stone-ground milling, which is done in a cool and gentle way, retains these vitamins and nutrients.

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Product Cold Ground Wheat Flour - Jaivik
Weight 5 kg
Type Stone Ground Cold Flour
Many of the health benefits of stone-ground flour come from the milling process itself. The stones used stay cold, unlike industrial mills that effectively burn some important nutrients in the milling process. Wheat germ contains high levels of vitamin E, which has been suggested as a cure for many diseases. The nutritional value of flour that has been stone-ground is high, as digestibility is increased through this process.