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About Us

About Us

Aaskin Food Club is a movement to reclaim our traditional foods which are not chemically processed and Jaivik in nature; also full of nutrition and of great taste.

Registered Members will always get fresh Jaivik foods which are traditionally processed as well as correctly priced and this is possible because of the Pre-Orders. Transparency is the core value of this initiative. We strongly believe that You must know what You eat, from where it comes, what are the processes involved in getting it, ultimately it is Your and Yours family's health, We must have a say in our daily food because it gives us the immunity power which are at a low nowadays. Aaskin Food Club comes with a unique system to bring a worriless food style for our members.#

Here it is:

  • All procurement will be done under the stringent supervision of a renowned Agro Lab.
  • Storage will be Chemical Free; Only Hermatic Bags will be used.
  • Adopting Synthetic Fertilizer & pesticide free villages for daily vegetables.
  • Cold Ground Whole Wheat Flour - No Loss Of Nutrients & Vitamins.
#Go Traditional ... Go Organic
  • Processes involved in Cold Ground Wheat Flour and Cold Pressed Oil will be 24/7 LIVE.
  • Value for Money : Now An Individual Member can Enjoy the taste of Bulk Buying.
  • Always Fresh Products - No Need To Check Expiry Dates.
  • Chemical Free Cold Pressed Oil - No Bad Cholesterol.

Vision & Mission

Today's industrialized food sector is under the dark shadow of Chemical Fertilizers and pesticides which is taking toll on both sides.

The lives of farmers are getting miserable day by day and on the other side consumers are facing terrible health problems. Traditionally processed Jaivik Foods are the solution to those challenges. Traditional food brings optimum immunity power to our body; simultaneously it gives us a pleasant and painless life.

Often it has been found that a lush-green agriculture field is full of Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticides. Near urban areas the situation is worse and it is the use of toxic sewage water. AFC has a policy to procure all raw food from those locations where soil and water used are at satisfactory level. Our mission is to adopt villages that are at a distance from Jaipur and to declare them Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticide free villages. Vegetables, Fruits and other food grains that are required for our members will be grown in Jaivik manner using zero budget natural farming methods under strict guidelines and regular monitoring. Latest software technology will be used to get it done. Implementing this we will bring back farmers to JaivikKrishi and will add more earnings for them, in other hand we will get our foods in its purest form without paying any extra premium.